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Thread: DIY Camera Dolly Test Video

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    Default DIY Camera Dolly Test Video

    A quick outdoor test of a DIY heavy-duty camera dolly a friend crafted. The dolly is an all-metal construction and could probably support up to 100lbs of gear. Although for this test I simply put a Canon EOS 7D and 28-135mm on it.

    The dolly is designed mainly to be used with its 1.4m track, but it can be collapsed to a 70cm rail which is handy for macro.

    I shot the footage with the new Technicolor LOG profile, and graded in Magic Bullet for Premiere CS5.

    _MG_6570s by Ben Shmulevitch, on Flickr

    _MG_6567s by Ben Shmulevitch, on Flickr

    Thanks for looking!

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    I'm excited to see this used in an actual video, other than scenic footage. Looks like a good piece, can definitely come in handy.

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    Well done, I've been looking into getting some sliders, good on you for building your own!

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