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    Hi, perhaps I am in the wrong part of this forum, or perhaps my question is simply laughable by you videographers.
    I am an electronic musician, my music is getting better and I am looking at putting some work on youtube, rather than the various music producer network sites I currently use. Would people here be interested in this, or would they be angry that I asked, and demand money for such a request?
    I am an amateur musician looking for an amateur videographer, so we can collaborate our work and share it free on the net. All credit will be given where due.
    Thank you.
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    Woah man, woah..
    Please allow me to correct myself:
    "...Would people here be interested in this, or would they be angry that I asked, and demand money for such a request?"

    I am hoping to find an amateur videographer, to make a clip to go with my amateur music, no money is expected to change hands.
    I just thought I would try a forum like this, and see if anyone can direct me to where people would be interested in such a thing, or tell me that it is a silly request and I should resort to making videos with a few still images.

    Thank you.

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    Probably the bset place to ask is in the "Pre Production" section - or maybe "Just for Fun".
    Make it clear in the subject "Amateur musician seeks amateur videographer for collaboration"
    Put a link in your main post to some of your music.
    If you already have some ideas fo video, list those, but also say you're willing to listen to other ideas.
    Its much easier for someone to work to a brief than a blank sheet of paper.

    Plenty of people visit here after projects/ideas. I'm sure you'll hook up with someone. Whether what they produce is to your liking remains to be seen. But you'd have that problem with a pro as well! Good luck.

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    Thanks a lot for the info guys, I will post in the "just for fun" forum and see how it goes

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