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Thread: Please help. Sony Vegas won't open at all.

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    Unhappy Please help. Sony Vegas won't open at all.

    I tried everything. It just won't work. After re-installing it was still the same. I tried 2 different versions i just don't know what is happening. I searched google,youtube,yahoo-answers,everything i could find. Here's a pic how it looks like : 2wc19ns.jpg A white box appears with an "X" button. HEEELP?

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    Try doing a system restor from before you had the problem.

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    Hmm; i tried but my system resotre doesen't have restoration points. :/

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    Did you deliberately turn off your system rester ? If not then this could mean that you have a virus or some sort of mal-ware on your computer.

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    Hmm,well i did have often crashes on vegas in the past few days when i would do masking, and yes i shut it down like about a day before it wasn't able to open.

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    Okay; i think i got it;
    i figured i messed up the installation/reinstallation thing.
    At first i tried the add remove programs over control panel which epically failed;
    so i had to do it manually.
    Now there is only one part of sony vegas left which is in the ADD REMOVE pannel;when i try to remove it it asks for a MSI file of sony something like sony80.msi or something like that which is not on the comp; what's that? :/

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    the MSI file is a windows installer file you can read about it HERE if your interested.

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    Thank you; but i'm not sure how to remove the file : - I have tried gooling it but nothing.

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    I think if you download a free registery cleaning program you might solve this. Try THIS

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    I was confused with that program but i googled another one much simpler; Windows Installer CleanUp Utility ; So i managed to uninstall vegas properly and install it all over again but now it's back to the white box thing. Ah darn. :/

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