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Thread: Willing to pay for help: Camera encode/transcode/something driving me nuts!

  1. Default Willing to pay for help: Camera encode/transcode/something driving me nuts!

    I need help with my video problems, and I am willing to Paypal $50 (USD) to the person that legitimately solves my problem. I would consider reading through my post a huge favor... Hopefully someone can help me!

    I have a Canon 7D DSLR (which as you may know records to h.264) and a Canon HG10 AVCHD camcorder. My goals are very get this video cleanly into Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas and be able to efficiently convert it into videos for Vimeo and into DXV-codec .mov files for HD VJing in the VJ program Resolume Avenue. Should be simple, right? Lest you think I'm just hopeless noob, I have put at least 150 hours into trying to solve this. (I don't turn to paying people easily!)

    I have two computers that I use for video rendering. One is a quad-core ASUS laptop with 6GB of ram and a decent video card running Windows 7. My main computer is custom-built with an NVIDIA GEForce GTX 460 (768 GDDR5 RAM), 6-core AMD Phenom II 1090t processor, 8GB of ram, a large power supply, and three 7200 rpm hard drives,each 1tb (no RAID.) My main drive is a Western
    Digital caviar black.

    So where are my problems? There are multiple ones, but I suspect they may be related. The Canon HG10 videos play back correctly, and I usually use the Cineform Neoscene product to convert the AVCHD files into high-quality .avi files. This works great, except for some minor interlacing problems, which I expect from the camera. My problem here is with converting to DXV files. I get very strange colored blocks (dxvcolorblocks | Flickr - Photo Sharing!) on one or two frames per export.... And each export puts these colored blocks in different places in the render. I've been opening them in QuickTime and slicing out the bad frames... it doesn't really effect the video to have the one or two bad frames missing.

    So why am I looking for help if I can just delete those frames? I admit, it's an annoying but livewithable problem, but I'm really setting the stage for my main problem... The Canon 7D footage.

    Here is a picture of the blocking I sometimes get with the 7d footage when trying to play it back in my computer: blocks | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Sometimes these blocks take up the entire frame, as shown, and sometimes it's only in specific areas (usually, but not always, the dark areas showing movement). It usually lasts from half a second to two seconds. If I close the video and open it up again, the problem will happen in the same place. But if I restart the computer, or play the video directly off the Compact Flash card instead, the blocking will happen in a completely different place, and the previously affected area will look great. WHY oh WHY? I've tried loading the files on a borrowed MacBook and I'm seeing the same problems. This, I surmised, meant one of two things--either there's a camera problem or a codec problem.

    I've played around with the 7Ds settings, and got a UDMA Compact Flash card. I've figured out more optmised ISO and shutter settings, and I've mostly eliminated the blocking on my newest videos. But it didn't make sense to me that the glitching kept occurring in random spots in the old videos, and I am still worried that these blocks will show up in my new footage.

    So I turned to codecs. Oh my, how I hate codecs now. I have tried using Cineform Neoscene to convert the 7D footage to .avis (it usually crashes, or it still messes up), I've tried the DSLR project settings in the new Adobe Premiere 5.5... Nothing will playback or render without the blocks. I purchased the CoreAVC codec and used it the other night to playback the files in Media Player Classic. Some of the files seem to work better, but not all of them.I still notice some blocking and am also getting weird quick horizontal band problems (see video here: I filmed my computer monitor). But I need to render these 7D files into DXV-codec .mov files (where I still have the colored block problem) and HD Vimeo videos (where I have a problem similar to the DXV problem, but with narrow fields of black blocks and slight audio glitches). I contacted Cineform about NEOscene crashing when trying to transcode the files into .AVIs, and they said to use the Cineform codec
    to render into .avis inside of Premiere. I ended up with blocks again. Is there a program I can use to encode these videos without glitches? When I upload the glitchy videos onto Vimeo or YouTube, they remain glitchy there. I just want to have clean, glitch-free video, and I can't find people with similar problems. Can someone please help me?

    If the best solution is to do uncompressed portable video recording to a solid state drive, ok, but I feel like there had to be a real solution here. (I really don't want to have to do that).

    Some things I have tried are:
    -renaming .mov to .mp4
    -Downloading the haali media splitter
    -reinstalling windows and my programs completely (I had problems even with a clean install and only premiere installed)
    -transcoding to all the codecs I had
    -messing with pixel aspect ratios (I know the hg10 does anamorphic widescreen) and some different resolutions (1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 1024 x 768, etc) (note...I don't see the color banding on DXV files on super-low resolutions)
    -everything I can find on the Internet, basically!

    Please help me solve my problem! I hope that it's a painfully obvious solution, as stupid as I'll feel initially. I just want to pursue my audio/visual art and worry about the content... Not this tech mess!

    Thank you so much for reading my post... I look forward to hearing from you. My personal email address is Again, thank you! I mean it about the paypal thing. Whoever can provide the key to fixing this first will get that $50 USD if you have paypal.

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    The files form the D7 & Canon I believe both .264

    I have tried the D5 ( I assume D7 is the same) footage straight onto the the Vegas (10 pro) time line and it works fine and so does the AVCHD, with no glitches.

    I would try that first and see how you get on

    what are using for this?
    "Here is a picture of the blocking I sometimes get with the 7d footage when trying to play it back in my computer:"

    I have found some players will give that type of effect.

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    Unfortunately I have the same problems with Sony Vegas 10! Those blocks are in Quicktime or Media Player Classic with the CoreAVC codec. I get the same blocks in Premiere and the VLC player.

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    It makes sence to convert Long GOP formats to intraframe based codecs, such as cineform, for editing before further conversion for final output. But if your final output is the intraframe based DVX codec anyway, it would make more sense to convert straight to that for editing. It cuts down on the reconstruction processes. You don't specifically mention it, but I get the feeling you've tried this?

    The first place I'd look is at the original footage, the quality/speed of the cards and the method of transfer to comuter. You mention the HG10 rushes are fine, other than a little interlacing issues. Do the DSLR rushes play back fine too?


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    Thanks David,

    You're right... I've tried going straight to DXV. Same results.

    The original HG10 footage looks fine on my computer. The original 7D footage does not... it still has that strange, seemingly random blockiness. I would assume that this just means there's a problem with the video capture... BUT then i don't understand why the blocks always show up in different places in the video.

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    I'm thinking (perhaps) as your computers are reading the AVCHD compressed video no problem, but introducing issues elsewhere (combined with the bad frames resulting in different places) that there is no coding issues here, and that the issue is a decoding one.

    This would kind of make sense, the AVCHD is writing (on camera) and reading (on computer) properly. The H.264 would then be writing ok in your DSLR but not being read properly by your coputers. Which could also make sense as causing problems on conversion to intraframe codecs. But why the problems with the AVCHD conversion? I doubt that your computers should have issues decoding intraframe based video from a non raid system. Maybe this is completely different right enough and relates only to the interlaced bits, but if this is so then I'd imaging these issues should remain consistent and always apear on the same frames for the source AVCHD converted footage.

    I'd try setting up a raid and see if it makes a difference with the same clips. Before you go to this length you can send me a problem clip or two from each source if you like. I can see if they play back properly on my raid.


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    David, that is incredibly kind of you, thank you.

    I have uploaded some videos here: FileFactory Folder view - Videos

    There are two 7D videos:
    7551 always has terrible blocking problems at least once.
    7547 usually has problems, but I've gotten it to play a few times with no blocking errors.

    I don't know if your computer would be able to read the DXV codec, but I'm also including a DXV video that is giving me the colored block problem, just in case!

    I apologize for the obnoxious ads and wait time on that website... it is the only place I could find that would host the big files!

    Thank you so much.

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    No problem, I just started the first one so havn't watched them yet but I just had thought, your not trying to convert the files directly from the memory cards are you?


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    No, I move them all to the hard drive. Although I tried converting from the memory cards a couple times too, just to see if it would help.

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    I thought it was a long shot, but worth mentioning just incase. I downloaded your 7551 file and the dxv codec. I'll take a look and see what comes out of it this afternoon.


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