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Thread: 32gb Sandisk problem with both of my HD cameras

  1. Default 32gb Sandisk problem with both of my HD cameras

    Hello all. I have 2 HD cameras that I use for my shooting videos.

    1st is a Hitachi dzhv-584e 1080 which supports 32gb SD card
    2nd is a Posideon 720hd Action cam, also supports above.

    The two cards I use are Sandisk 32gb SDHC cards. I have these correctly inserted into each of the slots. When it comes to recording I can record many videos with both. But playback I normally have the 1st video that works correctly on both. The rest seem to not finish i.e not be recognised when trying to play back ? It seems if I go over 1gb the the video does not recognise or playback.

    This is quite annoying !

    Any ideas would be apreciated !!
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    Okay I may have my answer on the 1st one

    This WAS for a different model, is there a diiference between HCSD and SD ?

    "Thank you for using Comet's Question and Answer service."

    "No, the maximum external storage SD Card would be up to SDHC 16 Gb Class 6"

    Looks like I have found my problem(s)
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    It could also be a fake SD card, or a 1GB card repackaged as a 32GB. I just bought two from Amazon, fortunately they refunded me.

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