Hi Friends In Here..Im Karthik From Chennai/India
i am a editor have done shorts and commercial/corporate/docu videos..
with this knowledge i can manage to know how people doing stylish cuts using all kind of effects whenever possible in a very interactive way which looks great..and makes me eager to learn those stuffs..
i've searched in google and tried out lynda.com's tut but couldnt get a proper tutorial or information..
i really believe people in here will help me and guide me to learn those stuffs like trailor/music video/promo cutting..
please help me with tip and trick or any kind of reference materials,tutorial site or books..
for eg book like"Technique of Film Editing" which can be as "Technique of stylish Editing"
or tut like "Motion graphic in after effects" can be as "Stylish Promo Editing In Final Cut Pro"
thanking you..