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    Default Please help a noobie

    I am sorry if this topic has been covered before, but i have tried trawling through the forums for an answer.

    I am trying to edit a video that currently resides on my Samsung 8mm camcorder. I have captured the film, and and loaded it into Pemiere.

    When I play the clip in the source window, it plays fine, but when I have the clip in the timeline and play it. The clip becomes jerky and appears to jump backwards and forwards. The timeline indicator itself moves along nice and smooth.

    I have installed various codecs and tried different video options, but I just cannot stop it.

    Premiere will not recognise the capture device, so i capture it with the software that came with the device and then import the clip to the project manager.

    I would like help with, the best settings to capture analogue video and the best settings for Premiere. Also if anybody has a solution to my problem.

    My set up is.

    Athlon 3200 processor
    512 Ram
    200gb HD
    Nvidia Gforce FX 5500 GFX card
    Tevion Capture Device.
    Premiere Pro 1.5

    I would appreciate any help as I am rying to edit my wedding video



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    it usually plays jerky if first it hasn't been rendered or because it has been imported to an mpeg etc, first i would suggest you make sure it's rendered, and then if you can get it running smooth in premiere convert it to dv by exporting it and then edit the dv file as it is uncompressed. hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the help..

    I am totally new at this, so could you please explain render..


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    ok, i'm asuming you understand what i mean by timeline; well above the timeline at the very top of the timeline is yellow bar, everything below the bar is called the work area you can move this bar so that all the video you wish to render is beneath it, you will notice beneath the yellow bar there is another, red indicates rendered footage, green rendered; the next step is to click timeline on the menu at the top and select render work area and the red bar will turn green when the render is complete.

    hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeDeX82
    I am totally new at this, so could you please explain render..
    I respectfully request that you read more of your s/w manual. If you're still at the stage where you don't understand the term render then you are likely wasting both our time and yours by posting here. I'm not just trying to be arsy here. If that's the level you're currently at then you'll simply not understand any of the answers given. I suggest you go through your manual and/or buy a book on the s/w you are using and work through some simple examples before attacking your own projects. This should give you the foundation and kick start I think you need.

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    Thanks.. I am reading the manual and working my way through the tutorials. But the manual does not cover everything at once, and it did not cover the problem I was having.

    When Skratakh mentioned rendering, I did not know what this was as I had not reached this part in the Manual and assumed it was done outside of Premiere. It was only with his reply that I realised this.

    I will continue with the manual and try and solve any problems I encounter by myself, but I assumed forums like this one would help me if I got completely stuck, by asking for the assistance of people with greater knowledge and experience who may have encountered the same problem before and have the solution.


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