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    Right, i was wondering how to broadcast stuff online. I got my TV Card and i want to broadcast stuff from tv online for my friends to see :P
    how can i do that.. anyone please?!

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    Rebroadcasting stuff from TV is illegal. In any case in order to capture, convert and stream video would probably require two machines (or one seriously good server grade machine).

    I don't want to get Marc's forum in trouble... so I'm not going to say any more than that, although I reckon it could be done.

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    its not rebroadcasting... what i meant is if i got my vcr on and i want my m8s to see it on the internet too. anyways i found out how to do it. i use Windows Media Encoder 9.. does the job :P

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    Yes, fair play... if you've got your own stuff on video which you want to broadcast then you just need to word the question a bit more carefully :P

    Windows Media Encoder has made a name for itself as an excellent tool for streaming video. You can encode and then stream afterwards really easily from one machine.

    Digital cable providers often rebroadcast a high quality feed from the national channels in real time. So they'll capture the stream (which is often high quality analogue or maybe high definition digital) and then recompress it to their standard (usually MPEG-2) and retransmit over their networks in real time. That requires a bit more beefier equipment than encoding first then streaming later.

    Of course, if you want to provide multiple streams to different people on slow and fast connections, you will be recompressing on the way anyway, although there's usually only two versions of a stream available and one is a simple downsampling from the other, or something like that. I haven't done much of this though so maybe newer tech has moved on since then.

    One advantage of Quicktime is that you can start watching a download before it has finished even without it being strictly "streamed" to you in real time. Does anyone know if you you do this with WMV files? Or with ASF...


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