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    I've been pricing up a canon 60D and it looks like the cheapest place to buy would be but the reviews are so up and down that it really puts me off.

    So I wondered if any of you on here have had any experience with them in the purchase of DSLRs or any other equipment for that matter?

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    no personal experience with them my self. whenever i buy online i ALWAYS phone them up before hand to ensure they actually have stock. no contact number, no business from me. its not a guaranteed fail safe but does give a little extra piece of mind.

    what you have to do is weigh up the saving buying online compared to an actual shop you can call in and purchase the goods from.

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    Like you said they have an up and down reputation. I also like to phone as a usual trick for some sites is to say they have it in stock, take your money, then order it from the manufacture, and you have to wait a good few weeks before they have it to then ship to you.

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    Angry Don't buy from simply electronics

    A month ago I ordered a camera from Simplyelectronics because they had it in stock and they offered a quick delivery I have received nothing yet and they will not cancel the order. Numerous emails are replied to a day later with apologies and excuses. i have emailed to cancel the order 3 times but they will not do this and they now state that its being packaged.

    they will only cause you stress and anxiety and in my experience will not deliver

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    I ordered a lens that 'was in stock' and was told it would be with me within 48 hours. A week went by, and when I chased them up I was told: 'that when they inspected the lens prior to shipping it had some signs of 'damage' to it, therefore they couldn't possibly send it out to me.

    I asked if they only checked the condition of their goods prior to shipping rather than when they recieve and got no answer. Amazingly, it was also the last lens of that type they had (shocker!), and they had no idea when new stock will arrive.

    It took the threat of legal action to get my money back. Time taken to take money from my account: 3mins. Time taken to get money back: over 60 days!!


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    Simply Electronics are a genuine company however ALL theyre cameras are import, they slyly put this into their terms and conditions. UK Based Camerabox are alot better, although Ive never bought from simply electronics ive heard alot of shock stories and with them being in Hong Kong I wouldnt bother buying from them, besides import cameras are crap anyway!

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    I would also be wary of Camerbox, although my experience was fine, I have heard and read numrous stories similar to the one with Simply Electronics and I believe alot of their cameras are imports too, not all but alot.

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    I'm new here...

    Ordered a DSLR lens from Simply last year, and had to wait longer than expected. That said, their communications (via e-mail) were OK,
    and they kept me informed. I thought the lens would arrive within 7-10 days, but I had to wait 3 weeks. Not too bad overall, considering
    the price paid!

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