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Thread: Can anyone help...??!!!

  1. Default Can anyone help...??!!!

    My children (aged 8 and 6) have entered a couple of video/film competitions, and their efforts are on youtube. They need to collect lots of positive 'likes' and comments, as well as lots of views.

    Would anyone be able to help us with this?

    Joe is 8, and has done a film about being 50 - so a while to go yet! It's only 2 minutes so please watch it all if you can..

    heres the link:

    Sam is reading Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, it's 5 minutes long, so don't feel you have to watch it all!

    many thanks in advance, here's the link.

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    the insight stats let me know how many of you clicked the link - thanks to all who did, and keep them coming!


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