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Thread: Create Titles over existing video

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    Default Create Titles over existing video

    Hi, using Premier 6.0 and have an .mpg video which i want to add credits into the video so the credits will show up over the video (similar to the end of a movie...)

    I create the new title, insert it into video 2 and have the mpg file in video 1a but when i preview it all i get is video one file and the title text doesn't show up through the mpeg...

    Found a guide about adding titles in the tutorials section and tried to set opacity levels but still won't work...

    Any help with this, thanks in advance...

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    have you rendered

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    Default rendered..?

    sorry, not sure what you mean, have never used this package before...

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    sorry, above the timeline there should be a red line if it is not rendered (green indicates that it is rendered) and above this there should be a yellow line which is adjustable, if you double click it it will resize to the footage within the section of the timeline you are working in, the yellow line indicates the works area; once you've selected the correct region go to the timeline drop down box at the top of the page and select render work area.

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    Default rendering

    yep, rendered the work area now and also just exported to .avi as it's only a short clip...

    been playing around with the titles opacity settings for the title text and the title background, now only the title credits with white background is displayed and i can't see the actual video i'm trying to attach rolling credits to...

    sorry for being a pain, you help well appreciated...


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    when u edit the title do you see the video behind it or a white background, if you see white you've probably selected a background colour.

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    Default skratakh

    Yep, finally found a link on the web. You are correct in stating that i was using a background colour...

    I also had the opacity checkbox ticked which was causing me problems...

    Thanks for all you help...

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