Hi there,
I'm new to the forum but have read some guides on here mentioning the different cameras suited to different scenarios, I even came across this (http://www.videoforums.co.uk/camcord...t-footage.html) however this was back in 2006, and I'm hoping things have come along since then :P

Basically, my friends are in a band and want to get filmed as they perform, usually in dark poorly lit venues. Ideally, I'm after either one or two quality cameras that will handle the dim light and preferably pick up the sound decently as well.

The reason for either one or two would be so possibly two people can record at the same time and then edit it into a video.

Price range would be max up to 1000 (either for both or one).

I have come across the Canon Legria HF S21 and was wondering if people thought this would be acceptable?

Thanks for any assistance!