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Thread: Sony vegas pro 10 doesn't open some files. Pleas help me!!!!

  1. Default Sony vegas pro 10 doesn't open some files. Pleas help me!!!!

    Hy everyone,

    I've bought sony vegas pro 10 en now he doesn't open some files. All my files are .avi or mp4. Some of these files he won't open en some files he open. My question is: "Wy vegas pro 10 some files don't accept."
    As I open a file he gives me this warning:

    Warning: An error occurred while opening one or more files.
    The reason for the error could not be determined.

    I've tried to convert these files from mp4 to avi and from avi to mp4 but he gives me all the time that warning.

    I hope someone kan help me with this problem.


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    Are you sure the file is not currupt. Will it play in other programs. Did all the files come from the same sourse. ????

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    I've checked al these things but the files working in Quicktime and in movie player. I can open these files in movie maker and movie maker said that everything is clear and the files plays in movie maker.
    So I'm sure that this isn't a problem for these files. I've tried to open these files by a friend of mine and there the files working in sony vegas pro 10.0.
    Maybe you've an other idea for this problem?



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    And I'm sure that all these files came from the same HD cam.

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    Vegas pro 10.0 is opening these files now. I don't know what i did but he works now. Thank you for youre Reply

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    I've tried some files. Only the mp4 files. He accept the mp4 files but not the avi files. Maybe you know some thing again?

    Sorry for the previous reply.


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    As if by magic !

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    Yes in matter of fact youre right. But why he won't accept avi files I don't understand

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    If they came from the same source why are some .mp4 and some .avi ? Have they been converted with a Divx codec You may need to load the right codec for the .avi.

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    becaus i've convert some of these files to mp4. Then the files working. But when I open the files from my cam, Sony vegas pro 10 won't open these files. I doesn't understand why the program won't open some .avi files. First I must convert these files and then tey can work on Vegas. That is not the reason why I've bought.


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