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Thread: Springtime Montage - Prelude

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    Hey guys! I wanted to share a short, slightly more artistic, video i made regarding springtime. I hope you like it!

    Any feedback, either positive or negative would be awesome!


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    What could have been a nice "arty" video has been affected by substandard camera work or more accurately poor editing. It's what I would describe as a nearly video. You had some nice shots but then had a wobble which was distracting. You would then do a focus pull but miss the target. It's not that it's a bad video, it just disappoints to often. I think you need to be a lot more ruthless in the edit chair. If it's not 100% then don't use the clip. It's a tough hurdle to get over at first but I see potential and think if you can get over this then you can produce a really good video.

    My conclusion is good effort but not quite there yet. I hope you take my comment in the way they are intended which is to help you become a better videographer.

    Keep at it.

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