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    This is a definite improvement.
    I loved the shots where you'd still frame, then zoom in or out then continue the action. And some of the surfing skills are superb.
    I did think the beginning bit went on far too long. I realise that the shots on land are the best (only) opportunities to get close ups of the people and equipment, but I preferred it when you just inserted some of these into the action (eg 4:17). I very nearly bailed out before the action.
    Another niggle - it's not generally good practice to go back on yourself within a shot - eg pan one way and then the other (unless you're following action) or zoom in then back out as you have at 1:50.
    But I think you've caught the action really well and managed to zoom into the action pretty well too.
    Nice work.

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    nice insert shots, great picture quality what camera ? bit too much zooming imo. good choice of music but i do feel the editing could have been a touch snappier with the second music track ?


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    thanks thanks the cam is Sony nex-5 18-200mm

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    Nice work - For me I'd like to hear some of the sounds of the beach integrated into your soundtrack - The gulls, the waves, general ambience would add so much to this I think. Also might be worth you investing in a cheap monopod just to help smooth out some of your shots.

    Otherwise - Love it. Nice little movie.

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