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Thread: Hello there is my second work

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    Cool Hello there is my second work

    Hello there is my second clip filmed with JVC everio GZ-mg360. And use program Ulead video studio 11.

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    I quote liked the bit of movement you had in the camera for some of the early shots, but then others just looked like they were poor hand-held shots - eg the shot 11 secs where the shot moves before settling on the framing.
    I thought it was quite a nice transition you were using until I'd seen it 5 times. By 10 times I was pulling my hair out hoping it would stop. Whilst I commend you for sticking to only one transition, this is a perfect example of massive overuse.
    A nice selection of shots, but it doesn't really go anywhere or tell us anything.

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    I think Tim has said it all.

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