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Thread: Shooting an orange off of my head...

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    Default Shooting an orange off of my head...

    No special effects (at least not for the gun shot). It's real. There's not really two of me though.

    Please watch ON YOUTUBE.

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    That was a really good video let dwn by the sound. It wasn't dreadful but wind noise always reminds you you're watching a video/film and makes you, the viewer, removed from the action. The humour was good (even if you did rather repeat the joke - "I've done ths ... I've never done this " is effectively the same joke as "we've taken all necessary precautios. Aiming ... that's pretty much it" are the same joke - immediately after playing it the first time). The characters were likeable and convincing. The lines were delivered well. Despite the wind noise, lines were clearly audible. You had "interesting" framing of the shot of you with the orange on your head, but this was totally justified - the focus is on teh orange, rather than you.

    I thought the whole thing had a very British humour feel, being much more understated han we're used to from your side of the pond. Similar in some ways to clay_9's work - check him out in user vids on this forum.

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    I'd go along with what Tim said but I would recommend tightening the cuts between the characters dialogue just shave a few frames here and there to improve the timing and make the conversation seem more natural.

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    Thanks for the comments guys! I agree that the wind can be a bit off putting... in most of my videos I add music to mask that better but I let this one go without. I also appreciate the comments on the characters It was all ad libed so I didn't have a script to go on when I recorded the second part (not the best idea). I did check out clay_9 and I'm honored by the comparison. I thought his stuff was very funny and I'm happy if I can entertain people as well.

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