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Thread: Help with rendering HD

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    Exclamation Help with rendering HD

    Just got a new cam (Canon legria m36)
    and it shoots 1080p HD (1080x1990 i think) also the cam says MXL if anyone know what that stands for. AE said that the clip was a AVCHD clip if that matters.

    The problem is that when i render it with HDTV 1080 (whatever fps) as composition settings either my sound disappears or the movie lag.
    i thought i found the problem yesterday when i got a tip about render it in quicktime format and then the quality went super high and the sound worked but a 2 minute long video came out at 11GB!!
    also it tends to lag a lot... sight*

    please help if you got any tips if i should change the composition settings or the render settings...

    if this would help heres the computer info:
    Acer laptop
    GT 320M
    i5 460M
    4GB RAM
    After effects CS5

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    Hey Ma10s,

    Congrats on the new camera. And just so you know, it's 1920x1080 = 1080p, also 1280 x 720 = 720p.

    HD is very demanding when it comes to pc hardware. Editing in HD will choke most laptops. Your ram on your laptop is low (4GB), especially for AE, and I'm not sure what your processor is, but if its not a quad core, then this will also slow you down.

    The reason your 2 min clip ended up being 11 GB is because you exported it in a raw format. This is way overkill when sending footage to AE. You would only use this when sending footage to AE for high res stuff and detail sensitive footage, i.e. 2k or 4k footage.

    When you exported using the HDTV 1080p, was the audio check box selected in the export settings? If not, then this is why you didn’t hear your audio in AE.

    Another note, I’m assuming you’ll be using AE just for effects and then coming back into premiere to finalize your project, so audio is not really necessary to have in AE, unless you need it for syncing effects or whatever.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!


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