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Thread: Supercar DVD - 2 Camera/Sound people required

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    Default Supercar DVD - 2 Camera/Sound people required


    I'm shooting a DVD in the summer, I'll need two people to help shoot it and then it will go off for editing so that side of it is taken care of.

    It will mean at least a week out in Germany and probably two or three days in the UK.

    I don't want anybody working for free but the budget is low as this comes from my pocket. All expenses will be covered and hotels etc will be paid for, of course, but don't expect to walk away with much more than 100 a day, so it's not for the seasoned veterans!

    I'm looking for people that want to expand their showreel and the subject matter will e more than spectacular, we'll be shooting Bugattis, Ferrris, 800bhp Audi R8s and extreme Porsches.

    I have the essential equipment, a Sony EX1, a DSLR for the beauty shots and a multitude of on car cameras, but of course whatever you can bring to the party will help so let me know about equipment etc.

    We'll be shooting in June or July, it's yet to be decided, and I'm flexible so could work round things for the right people.


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    I am free and up for it prov ided its early July.
    Email me to my private email address and I will redirect you to my corporate website and email

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    My name's Roli Rivelino and I'm currently available at that time, I've shot 2nd camera at the Gumball rally so have some experience in that area. I shoot on the Panasonic HVX and you can view my reel at the link below

    Video Production Services Company UK London

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    Hi NickmHall,

    Have I missed the boat on this one?


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