I specifically went for a camera with DV-IN (Sony DCRHC22) thinking that it would be a good way of archiving in DV format.

I haven't been able to pin down the root of my problem, but I'm having difficulty in getting video back onto the tape, particularly in Premiere Elements.

In PrEl the capture functions all work perfectly including device control - no problems. When I go to export to tape the control functions work but transfer is almost non-existent. There is the occasional flash of picutre and sound but nothing you could call a success. I've tried delaying the transfer, adding black leaders etc.

MM2 seems to do things much better, although I couldn't transfer a 7min film without glitches. Although, in fairness I didn't spend much time trying to improve things in MM2 as I was more interested in a direct comparison to PrEl, trying to fault-find the camera.

I'm assuming the problem is in PrEl given the better, more successful export in MM2 but I suppose it could still be the interface or camera? The next step is to try and do everything manually. However, in a quick attempt over the weekend, picture transfer was better but no sound!

Any thoughts? All suggestions welcome.