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    What type of microphones work best? I have recorded this tune using three different microphone setups:

    Sony PCM D-50 audio recorder
    Audio Technica Pro-44 boundary microphones
    AKG 414 xls

    All were using cardioid capsules or set to cardioid and all were at 24 bit 48htz.

    I used built in limiters on the D-50 and 414ís but as I didnít have a limiter for the pro-44 I was forced to paste 3 notes from the 414ís recording into the pro-44ís recording; where the pro-44 dropped out.

    I gave all three about 4 dbís of extra headroom to avoid compression on YouTube.

    All three recordings were outputted from Final Cut Express using AAC 128kbs stereo format.

    I should have given the 414's a bit more gain, but in general the comparison appears to be fairly truthful. The Sony PCM D-50 was closer and you can hear this on the video (I have got into the habit of putting it close), it was about 2 foot away, the others were 5-6 foot away from the guitar.

    Which microphone type do you prefer?

    The AKG 414 xls's (£750 each)

    The Sony PCM D50 (professional sound recorder, £500 +/-)

    The Audio Technica Pro-44 Boundary microphones (under £100 each but using in-line pads £40 each).

    My vote is for the Pro-44's in terms of value, also they are floor mics so no stands and no floor bounce echo. The Sony PCM wins for portability.

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    Hi Paul, good reply. I will record another with a Blumlien pair (crossed figure of eights), I had always thought of the technique as a setup for distance recording but it should sound good close. Nice one thanks for that. Bill

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    I'm by no means someone to take advice from when it comes to audio, but you and paulears seem to know what your talking about, and I do have a quick question for either of you. I noticed you rendered your work in 128kbs, is it not better sound quality at say 320kbs?

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    Hi, well there's a point. I use Final Cut Express; and when I do the export box for sound, I put it for stereo and 128kbs jumps into the box and I go for the 'Best' option.

    I have tried other settings but ran into problems and found the software just locked-up so I have stuck to the above.

    Have you been able to get mpeg 4 AAC files to work at 320kbs?

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    In these three examples the Sony is the best recording. I think as Paul has already said, this is mainly due to mic placement. Also the placement in the stereo field is correct for the Sony recording but the others to are just wide as though you have put two versions of a mono recording with one to the left and one to the right. If you're sat in the middle of the picture that is where the sound should be coming from. The AKG has a nice tone and if placed correctly could have been better. The Pro-44's seem to bright for this type of recording.

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    Hi, I took paulears idea and recorded tried using M+S using a front facing Omni, in close proximity. It does sound good, I also tried a Blumlien pair (figure of eight mics set a 90 degrees to each other) this had a very big sound.

    But then I built a boundary mic and piezo bridge pickup into a £5 junkshop guitar and close mic'd it using the Sony and it worked a treat, big as a barn door. Though each of the feeds on their own was horrible.

    Thinking about how it wants to sound and then playing like that makes a big difference.

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