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    I wish to expand my business especially in and around Sydney, Australia. .Which is the latest trend to be adopted and will be fruitful?

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    It works for me!!
    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanA View Post

    It works for me!!
    Quote of the month! And there's more than a little truth behind it.

    Maybe you shoudl come up with a self-help book or video with that as the title. "Bullshit! worked for me" by Ian A. it has a nice ring to it.

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    As my friend used to always say to me, "Bullshit baffles brains" and he was right.

    Check out the local, guys and give them a bell and introduce yourself, see if there any business clubs, Association's, etc.

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