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Thread: Spring video at a Waterfall

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    Default Spring video at a Waterfall

    This video is from a waterfall near the town Knäred in sweden. my sister and I decided one spring afternoon to go find this waterfall, and we found it obviously. while my sister was having fun climbing rocks in the river, I took some photos and made this little video of our adventure.

    Equipment used:
    Velbon c-600 tripod
    Canon 550D
    18-135mm lens


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    Nice images in this one! I would've liked some sort of story to it though.
    I enjoyed it nevertheless

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    yea i was thinking of adding a monolog to it.
    but could really find the words for it
    but thanks

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    I think this shows a lot of potential. When TwoDaystoAlaska says a story, I don't think he/she necessarily means a narration (which in my mind would kill it) rather a narrative. A film should (generally) take us on a journey, to make us want to follow the film, to see what happens next (even if it's just watching the girl on a walk, coming to a stream, then trying to and eventually succeeding in getting across.
    A lot of the shots were lovely. But be careful with overexposure and also with setting the tripod square - in several shots the horizon (or water) was on a tilt - and not for an obviously artistic reason.

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    yea i get the point..
    but as this wasnt a planned video, i just worked with what i had.
    so my point of adding a monolog was to chain it to a better story, as I would need some other shots to make this story works to its full potential.
    and yea i had real trouble with metering the exposure as u might saw it was really bright sun. and i dont have a viewfinder and i did have my full rig as this was ment to be a short video.
    but thanks for the feed back

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    I agree with Tim but also thought you looked like you where struggling with focus ie a lot of the long shots are not quite in focus, that could be due to the YouTube compression of course. I like that you had a person in the video and not just here's a shot of a river and here's another shot of a river etc. I chuckled when she nearly fell over. Some nice shots as Tim said.

    Well done.

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