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Thread: Buying advice needed: HD Camcorder + HD DSLR / Hybrid max 1200

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    Default Buying advice needed: HD Camcorder + HD DSLR / Hybrid max 1200

    Hi there,

    first post in this forum.

    The high school where I teach is looking to buy new gear for our photography and movie making classes.

    We plan to purchase a HD camcorder (for the movie making class) and DSLR / Hybrid that also shoots good quality HD video (for both classes.)

    Performance, build quality and user-friendliness are the most important aspects - and input for an external mic would also be good. The total budget is around 1200 (but less will also do )

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

    Nikolaj - Copenhagen / Denmark

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    I can't tell you what to get but I will advise you to stick to the well known brands like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, JVC. Also remember to put lens in your buget for the DSLR. 50mm Prime and a nice zoom should be good for starters. Oh, but your budget is 1200. May be start off with the lens that comes with the camera.

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