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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a Low Memory Rendering Problem

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    Default Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a Low Memory Rendering Problem

    Hi there,

    Hi everyone. Before I start let me give you my computer specs:
    Model: HP Pavillion dv7 Notebook PC
    Processor: Intel Core i7-2720QM @ 2.20GHz
    Memory: 8 gigs
    System: 64 bit
    I edit primarily with ripped dvd footage, and I convert the vob files to DV AVI using MPEG Streamclip.
    I bought a new laptop 2 weeks ago and installed my Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a on it, which I have never previously had this trouble with. Basically whenever I go to render a project (roughly 1 and a half minutes, maybe a bit more) to either mainconcept mp4 or wmv, the render fails and a message pops up saying "Rendering failed: a reason could not be determined" or "Your system is low on memory, try closing other programs" etc.

    Now I have read a few threads already that deal with this, and I have gone into 'Options0-preferences-video- and changed the Dynamic Ram Preview to 0 with 1 rendering thread, but this doesn't help. I did have Norton antivirus preinstalled o nthe computer and have heard this can be problematic, so I've switched it off or do I need to removie it completely?

    Any suggestions would help me at this point, I am at a loss of what to do.

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    You don't need to un-install Norton just turning it off should be enough. You could also increase the priority of Vegas in the task manager to see if this helps. As you say there are others with this problem and I believe it is not the computer, as 8 Gigs of memory should be more than enough.

    Just why some people are having this problem is a mystery to me, so long as the standard templates are being used. I know sometimes if I've fiddled around with some of the custom settings I've messed things up, especially altering the VBV buffer size on the advanced video tab if that is set to low you will have errors.

    Sorry I can't help any more.

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    Hi Midnight Blue,

    Thanks for your reply. You know I think people just need to be very careful to install the right version of Vegas on their system, as each computing set up is different an sometimes you jsut have to match Vegas settings very specifically.

    I solved the problem by updating my Vegas to Vegas 8.1 for 64 bit, as I have Windows 7 64 bit. Only problem I'm having now is installinf my plug-ins, namely Luminance and Newblue fx, but I'm really just happy it's running at all!

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    I'm glad you sorted out your Vegas issue. You should check whether these plug-ins are 64 bit compatible.

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    I read something online about this as I was having rendering problems using Sony Vegas pro 8. Aparently as its a 32bit app the files have a 2gb memory cap so if you have more than 2gb of ram it just crashes when you try and render anything. Upgrading to a 64 bit version of Vegas fixed this for me im using Vegas 10 x64 now and ive had zero problems

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    Hi Peter. Yes I've heard the same thing, but my problems were happening on my Vegas 64 bit with Sony Vegas Pro8. In fact I had more problems than ever with 64 bit, so I have reverted back to 32 bit for the time being.

    I've been able to render some things, but right now I can't seem to render anything without Vegas crashing, or spewing error messages at me, or just not going past 0% at all.

    The thing is, back when everything was working fine, I was running the same version of Vegas on Windows on the Bootcamp of a Macbook Pro with 4 gigs of ram! And it worked brilliantly!

    Now that I'm on a Windows laptop with pretty good specs, I can't render a damn thing. I'm just so frustrated at this moment, I don't know whether to try upgrading to Vegas pro 10 and see if that does anything, anyone have any further advice?

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