Ok this is my first ever post on this forum and I apologise in advance if I drift off topic, Basically I am an aspiring video editor. Im 15 years old (so moneys tight) and Im looking for software to learn on and hone my skills please do not suggest I take the movie maker / imovie route as I am already very confident with Sony Vegas Pro 10. I understand that the industry standards are Final Cut, and of course AVID.

Im am looking to splash out on a new editing rig and my question is should I stick with what I know Vegas and perfect my skills etc. on that. Or jump ship to an industry standard Final Cut (with a new release in June for around 200) but this would mean I need to buy an iMac (ruling the mac tower out because of budget) but I realise I would need to get a higher spec iMac.

Im ruling out AVID because of price.

Sorry If this post comes across as terribly unstructured.
Please give me some advice and many thanks