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    Question Advice Greatly Needed

    Ok this is my first ever post on this forum and I apologise in advance if I drift off topic, Basically I am an aspiring video editor. Im 15 years old (so moneys tight) and Im looking for software to learn on and hone my skills please do not suggest I take the movie maker / imovie route as I am already very confident with Sony Vegas Pro 10. I understand that the industry standards are Final Cut, and of course AVID.

    Im am looking to splash out on a new editing rig and my question is should I stick with what I know Vegas and perfect my skills etc. on that. Or jump ship to an industry standard Final Cut (with a new release in June for around 200) but this would mean I need to buy an iMac (ruling the mac tower out because of budget) but I realise I would need to get a higher spec iMac.

    Im ruling out AVID because of price.

    Sorry If this post comes across as terribly unstructured.
    Please give me some advice and many thanks


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    If I was you I'd stick to what you have and home your skills with Sony Vegas Pro 10.

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    To be honest most imacs can handle whatever you throw at them these days and they are a brilliant bit of kit. Final cut is also brilliant to use and fairly easy to learn with a lot of tutorials online.. I have premier cs5 and final cut studio and choose final cut everytime although after effects is worth looking at for compositing... This is just my opinion though so whatever you feel comfortable with...

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    I don't think it's that big of a deal, the learning curve on FCP isn't steep. If you were forced to I bet you could pick it up over a weekend. The question is, what do you want to do, make your own stuff or work for someone else? if you want wanna make your own stuff, sony vegas can do all the same stuff, if you want to make it a career, I'd suggest getting into finance. Your young, learn business now and get rich.

    All kidding aside, I use FCP so I'm not biased. It's really easy to learn, use vegas until you need to switch.

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    Mind if I add?

    1) Are you going to be an all editing man or do you want to film content as well?
    2) "I understand that the industry standards are Final Cut, and of course AVID." IMO, the industry standard can be whatever gets the footage to a happy client. There is no other standard!
    3) As many of the guys on here have said before I think, a good cam op can make a better video on windows movie maker than a dodgy cam op with an entire editing suite.
    4) I remember being 15, in a not too short while you'll be 21 and then a whole new world of possibilities is open ( and suddenly a bigger budget )
    5) We use Final Cut Pro and express, express works for most projects, and FCPX is not the most liberating of editors ( It may be very good, but from an hour of playing around with it I found it restricting )

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    Save up and get yourself a powerful computer and the software to boot. Any PC with consumer software you will be unhappy with if you get serious in a few years time.... road test stuff and see what is best. Until recently final cut was good.

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