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Thread: easy sorted, how do you get black bars??

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    Default easy sorted, how do you get black bars??

    I'm using a sd900 (tm700 pansonic type) camcorder and have been looking a few samples on youtube.
    some had the widescreen with the black bar at top and bottom...I'd like to try that effect, so how do I get it?
    I record in 16:9 and use corel video studio. Is it made / set at the "render" stage or is it a special youtube setting??

    like this

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    You have to add them on a separate track from a piece of media. I'm not familiar with your program so can't advise how to do it. You could always make some in photoshop/paintshoppro/graphics program, then add them in your editor on a track above the video.

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    thanks midnight,
    I'll see what my editor prog does... I wasn't even sure if it was does in camcorder or afterward..

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