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    I came across this video on YouTube.

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    Fantastic film!!!

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    Some amazing stuff, but I don't buy the running on water sequence at 0:45 into it. I believe that stunt was a special effect which was first done in the movie, "Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins" a couple or three decades ago. If you will look closely from 0:49 through 0:53 you will see a disturbance on the water's surface just ahead of him and his splashing. That is an indicator of a very shallow submerged obstruction just below the lake's surface. In other words, he is running on either a rock bar or a submerged log or other object just under the surface. You can't see it because of the reflection of the light upon the water's the surface. If you look closely, the area under his path is slightly darker than the surrounding area. There is an object just under the surface. You can be sure that the very next second after the edit that dude's ass was in the water.

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    I was thinking it was just a shallow area but you could be right. This has just reminded me of the most amazing YouTube footage I've ever seen. I can't see that it's fake BUT it defies all known natural laws. Have a look at the incredible levitating man.

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