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Thread: Adobe Encore: menu creation / highlight modes

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    Default Adobe Encore: menu creation / highlight modes

    Hi not sure where to put this question. However . I'm creating menus in Encore and I have a highly specific problem.

    My buttons have normal and highlighted mode and each has a different colour. However, when highlighted, the button in normal mode remains visible underneath. The colours are mixed together and thus not pretty.

    How can I make the normal mode button disappear when I hover over the button (and the button is thus in highlight mode)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello. Any clues? Thanks

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    I was going to try and make time to get into Encore for a reminder and reply when you first posted, but I havn't had the time.

    Here's a few places to look:

    1. I seem to be thinking you could just delete the layer that holds one of the highlights right inside Encore, if that would suit your needs anyway. But I can't really remember for sure.

    2. In the menu menu you'll find something to do with menu colour sets, you may be able to do something in there.

    3. If you have photoshop right click on the menu in Encore and select "Edit menu in Photoshop", you can then make changes to the buttons in photoshop.

    You can also create/edit menus/buttons in After Effects. But this is all just places to look for a start, sorry I don't have time to check it out. Hopefully someone will or you'll find it.

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    Hello. Thanks David,

    I've been playing around with the colour sets and editing the menu in Photoshop and I just can't get it right.
    One of the things to do has been to change the transparency of the layers to 100% and then the colours don't mix.
    But I don't understand why the underlying image (normal) is present at all in selected mode.
    The idea is that a menu object change colour from normal mode colour to selected mode colour.

    Furthermore, what Encore actually builds is different from what is displayed in the project preview.
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    I do remember having this issue in the past, I'm sure as a quick fix I just got rid of one of the highlight layers and gave the button a single highlight. I'm also sure I later came accross it again and sorted it, but now that you've brought it up, I think it may just have been by working without transparency in the highlights.

    DVD is very restricted, especially with button highlights. If it is a restriction it could be an Encore issue, but it's more likely just to be the way DVD works. I'll look into it and get back later.

    Are you using preset buttons or have you created your own? I used to use preset buttons then edit them in photoshop to change how they look. I don't do much DVD authoring anymore at all but even when I did I stopped installing all the preset stuff as I started creating my own menu's in After Effects.

    If your using presets I probably wont be able to recreate the issue.


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    Hi David. Thanks for the reply. I'm not using preset buttons. My buttons are derived from straight text. (I insert text and convert to button).
    The objective is to change colour text on mouse-over. I've done that but the over-colour text is very poor quality.

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    I don't know what version your using but I just taken a look and it seems things have changed in CS5. In CS3 there was a naming convention for layers that could be created and the prefix defined which type of highlight it was.

    Creating a button from a text layer on a .psd doesn't do that now (or at least not as default), it seems to create the button as a single layer using the colours defined in the menu colour set for highlights. It used to use these as default but you could also change them in photoshop and see them as layers.

    If your creating your text button directly within Encore, I've never worked like that, so I'm not sure what goes on regardles of version, but I can imagine it would be the same.

    I even had a look in After Effects and they've also changed how the creation of DVD menu's works in there. Which is going to be a pain next time I'm working on a DVD menu (which is hopefully never anyway).

    I've created buttons from text that changes colour before and never had any problems with the quality of the highlight. I just looked at an old DVD I made, it has text with a stroke through it and a border. It also has 2 highlights, both different colours and both have transparency to keep the stroke/borders as the highlights just tint the text.

    Are you using a particularly small font, or is there a pixel aspect ratio issue? If your creating the buttons within Encore I'd imagine there shouldn't be, but perhaps creating them in Photoshop will solve this issue for you if you are.


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