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Thread: Getting the sound right on Youtube

  1. Default Getting the sound right on Youtube

    Hi, I have a few videos on youtube but the sound on some is better than others, I can't put my finger on why. Any ideas?

    Here is my latest, this seemed to be a good sound, but when posted it lost the top end.

    It was recorded using a Sony PCM D-50, a pro sound recorder. I also had a pair of AKG 414 xls's and a pair of Audio Technica Pro 44 Boundary microphones set up and recording at the same time.

    I liked the sound of the D-50 so used it.

    The track was un-compressed and un-interfered with generally.
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    I guess the YouTube compression can be hit and miss sometimes. If your not happy with the result, you can try uploading again to see if the new one is any better. We have to accept that when a video/audio is compressed we will have some loss of quality. Have you noticed if the format of the audio you render with causes a different result. ie mp3 any different to acc or pmc. OR if the original is at 48Hz or 44Hz or different bit rates.

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    Hi, nice one I will try a few mixes. The sound on youtube varies a great deal, most are very bad (or is that just me), maybe mine is not so bad. But if it can be better...

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    Hi, I have tried dropping the masters by 3 db

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    Your completed video format can make a huge difference on youtube. Saving in a simple .avi or .mpeg can cause youtube to assume your video isn't the greatest of quality, and compress it without any thought to how it make effect your video. I always upload my videos in .wmv (1440x1080) @ 320kbs MP3 Stereo Output (2 channels), and I seem to get much better results because of it. If you look at the quality you can click on in your video, it only goes up to 360p, Your video was probably 480p, but was compressed due to you video format. Give some other formats a try and see what works. On almost any program you can customize saving formats to suit your needs for the video your exporting. Editing the audio won't change youtube compression, changing the format of the video itself will.

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    Hi, I guess you are a windows user using adobe? I don't think I can export mp3 audio from final cut express, but I'm going to give it a go. Thanks

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    I am a windows user, but I use Sony Vegas Pro 10, not adobe, but yes, adobe can export mp3 audio.

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