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Thread: Inspiring Creativity & Deep Thought with Solitude & Natural Beauty

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    Default Inspiring Creativity & Deep Thought with Solitude & Natural Beauty

    Brief monologue on the benefits of solitude, tranquility and the remembrance of death in inspiring deep thought and creativity for writers, artists, photographers, cinematographers, directors and people in general.

    With society possessing so many escapisms, entertainments and pastimes along with people's busy careers and struggle for daily existence, people do not often spend time stopping to think deeply about the most important issues in life. It is good to get away to places of tranquility surrounded by the beauty of nature where we can try to connect with our own nature and purpose.

    Filmed on the Kodak Zi8 in High Def 720p at 30fps

    Rendered & edited with Kdenlive & OpenShot for Linux at 5mb/s (DVD quality) in OpenShot video editor for Linux.

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    While the point of the video of taking artistic inspiration from your surroundings can't be faulted the message was lost for me by the bad sound recording. I presume you had some issues with wind on the microphone. I also think you made no attempt to repair the problem of low volume recording. The first issue can be overcome with items such as little spongy things or fluffy things placed over the mic to cut down the wind noise, the latter is just baffling to me, that you in this and other videos you have posted here, have made not attempt to balance or correct volume levels in the video. As a viewer I find bad audio a real distraction from the message intended from the piece. So I would recommend you address this in your next piece.

    I think this would have been a good piece to camera if you could address the sound issues.

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    Well I thought the sound was okay in general, but it was too low though. I do plan to make a range of wind jammers for all my various devices, but I got a list of DIY jobs like a Dolly, a Boom pole etc. I did increase the volume in the video editor but not enough. I didn't use the sound from the lav mic/digital voice recorder as was clipping....I did declip in a sound editor but still didn't like the result and for sure wasn't going to spend hours trying to get it right, when this was a brief piece rushed off my head that probably no-one will watch hardly. I have been running tests with different sound configurations to improve sound so soon things should improve God Willing. Thanks for the feedback

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