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    A psychotic man captures a helpless young woman and tortures her.

    Director's Commentary:
    Angel Eyes is a continuation of my Dr. Malcolm series. Here, we examine the characters Damian and what has driven him to become a violent psychotic. He is a deeply disturbed individual who has a sick obsession with eyes. As a writer I wanted to push this aspect through his dialog, for example "My mother didn't want to look at me. She said the sight of me was unbearable. I cried." Three sentences in a row with elements pertaining to the eyes, which is a constant theme throughout the film.
    Aleks, my lead actor, is amazingly talented and worked very hard to get into the role of Damian. He chose to play the character not as a crazy man, but with someone who's logical process is warped. I feel this gave an all-new dimension to Damian and worked to improve the film. Shooting was fairly straightforward with a consistent look and a very "Womack" feel to it. Music and sound design, as always, truly pulled the film together. I'm very pleased with Angel Eyes and I hope you too enjoy the film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rdwomack2 View Post
    I'm very pleased with Angel Eyes and I hope you too enjoy the film.
    I'm not sure "enjoy" is the word I'd use! It certainly mamde me look away a couple of times, so credit for achieving that.
    It looked very good and the music/sound enhanced it tremendously. I particularly liked the cutting between slashing the girl and slashing at the paper - so what if it's an obvious trick - you still had to think of it and it was well done. The lighting and the look was great.
    I can't really comment on how clever you were with the words as these things tend to sink into my subconscious rather than jump out at me. But yes, eyes, certainly came up in just about every line.
    I did have a problem with the sound. When I started watching I was just using "ordinary" Logitech 5.1 Speakers (set to stereo) and the first part of the dialogue was totally lost to me under the music. I restarted and watched again, this time wearing a pair of headphones and the sound was no problem at all. This just goes to show how important it is to check the mix with different speakers.
    Aside from that the voice didn't sound quite right to me - I don't mind the delivery, this was intentionally fairly flat for most of it, but it sounded acoustically very dead and seemed to come from outside of the film. Maybe all it required was a touch of reverb, but it almost sounded like it had been treated in some way.

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    Well, if you say this is a continuation of earlier work then it may make sense. It does not stand alone though. I think it was was well made technically with filming, sound and editing done well but the lack of story was confusing coming from this and only this video.

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    I didn't find the acting convincing by either character (even though you didn't get to see much acting from the girl, the one eye roll part looked false). The psychotic character looked unconvincing, I think that was his look and his acting though (mannerisms and facial expressions). I know what Tim means about the narration, but I also sounded unconvincing. These are comments on the human dramatic-artistic aspects. As for the actual filming, shot selection cinematography it did look professional

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    Thank you all very much I always appreciate feedback

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