Hi all,

We are building a film crew (Voluntary) to take part in our fliming projects for our Gaming Website (BeefJack.com - Let us know what you think of our site!). We are new to doing videos, but we have brillant experience in Journalism, Management and Game development.

The aim is to build a reliable and skilled video team to create 2-3 shorts videos / pilots (suitable for web) in the short term, with the view to turning this into an ongoing paid team in the future. Of course, anyone that takes part in our project will be fully credited.

Gamers where are you?
We are looking for people with a passion for gaming, high creativity and flair for styling and presentation in their work.

At this stage we are still happy to review applications from all aspects of Film creation, but here are the roles we are especially keen to fill:

(UK Only - London / South East )
*Cameraman (with lighting knowledge)

*Video Editor

Send applications to admin@beefjack.com

Thanks for reading!