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Thread: Moose in hd 3d video

  1. Exclamation Moose in hd 3d video(WARNING 18+ & UP TO VIEW)NOT FOR SENSITIVE SOFT PEOPLE EITHER.


    Ok I have not mastered the art of editing and frankly to be honest with everyone I am new to this editing.
    I just started making video's like almost 2 months ago for fun. Was using my friends samsungs digi cam(which made noise anytime you zoom ugggh).
    My dads old editing program like 7 years old/his old computer since the program wouldn't work on my computer I built a little more then a year ago(wouldn't run on windows 7) Bought a brand new sony HD cam with new software. This is my first real editing. I edited everything added special effects and sound effects also and orginal story. Give me your honest feedback. Note it's my first real video the others ones I was fucking around but I'll show you this one...I spent 2 days hard at work editing this. Thanks for viewing in advance. Btw doesn't start in 3-D right away. You need 3-D glasses(red and blue) to get full experience. The Res goes up to 1080p btw! It's a skit I did in 3-D about 3-D...It builds up trust me.

    -Moose the Innovator
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    Wow 35 views and no replies? not even hey man this video sucks Moose and you have no talent...something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseTvNow View Post
    Wow 35 views and no replies? not even hey man this video sucks Moose and you have no talent...something.
    Probably everyone turned off like I did as soon as we had a stream of totally pointless expletives. I have deleted it because it carried no warning, some kids look in here, and the swearing was just mindless and some may find it offensive.
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    Pointless? it has a plot to's a comedy skit. How about this I put a warning sign On it. I will repost my video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseTvNow View Post
    ..Wow 35 views and no replies? .
    So 35 people viewed and either switched off or didn't comment. What does that tell you?
    Quote Originally Posted by MooseTvNow View Post
    ..not even hey man this video sucks Moose and you have no talent...
    Pretty much I'd go with that.

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    I watched it and found it to be a big piece of cack. It's not that I found the language particularly offensive, I just thought it was not funny at all and that I wouldn't bother to post a response. There may be an audience for this kind of thing but I'm certainly not it.

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    This video isn't for anyone and it does have a orginal story line and a plot. Like I said I am pretty new to this. So helpfull advice would of been cool instead of being a tool snob douche lord like your vids don't stink.

    btw Midnight blue I watched your video's I can tell you do a lot of kiddy stuff so off the bat this won't fit your video likes, but if filming 3 year old childern is your thing I guess so whatever floats your boat kiddo.

    Have a great day.
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    This video isn't for anyone
    Perhaps this is something you should address first. Why make a video that is not made for anyone. First get a story line then make a video that is aimed at the audience that will appreciate it. This is basic film making 101. More basic than the technical side of things.

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    Well It's about 3-D and it's a skit about 3-D which I did address. I did also say that I am new to the editing world. Yeah i did swear a lot but I at least kept it real. I'm acting like a normal guy around his friends and bullshitting with them. My intro scene I had a few beers in me and did overly swear. Anywho the video is about to much 3-D makes you go delusional. From 3-D to 6-D to 12-D and up intill I go mad and start seeing things. I poke fun at myself also in the video and had a lot of fun making it and lot of improv. It's not just your normal vids you see everyday that people are so lazy to watch 8mins on youtube. It's very creative and innovating the way I did the plot. It is next level in entertainment. Yes it's not mind blowing effects but for what I have I think I did a great job and proud of myself for leaning in such short time. I notice a lot of people on here like to poke fun at people but instead they should help people out. Not mad at all btw just IMO I think people should act more mature to new memebers. You can be awesome at editing but if your not creative and have a awesome imagination then your just a plan joe.

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    You make some pertinent points Moose. Speaking as someone who has been helped a lot in this forum and that does a lot of helping in the forum I don't recognise your observation of
    I notice a lot of people on here like to poke fun at people
    . One thing my integrity leads me to do is, not say something is great when it isn't and I certainly don't knock things which I think are good. I also don't know of any other regular member that would do that. I regard being creative and different as a good thing but if that new and creative idea that someone has doesn't work, I think it best said from the the outset. You strike me as the kind of guy that doesn't want smoke blown up your arse, so I didn't out of respect for you.

    As a first attempt at editing a piece together is wasn't all bad but the content was such that I couldn't watch all the way through. That's just my view. You asked for views and I gave you mine. I post my videos and accept peoples views of my videos. I do film more than young children by the way. The last two videos I posted was experiments in slow motion.

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