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Thread: Shameless pimping of Free Stock Footage

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    Default Shameless pimping of Free Stock Footage

    Hi all,

    After some 20+ years in video production we have set up a web page giving away footage from our private library. Everything is free! No need to register for an account. No Credit Cards required. All we ask is if you like us and use us, link to us or tell your friends, you know the drill. Just remember, all the footage us totally free!

    Fred Miller
    Jr. Bottle Washer

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    Well you can't say fairer than that.

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    Default Thank you

    Very decent of you to say so!

    Fred Miller
    Jr. Bottle Washer

    PS: So long as we are shamelessly pimping... Can I give a shout out to my friend Mike who does the morning show at something called Radio Warrington for indeed he is a very funny fellow, right?

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