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Thread: elements crashes at dvd stage?

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    Default elements crashes at dvd stage?

    i am hoping someone can offer some advice

    I've spent hours editing a video 30 minute video - everytime i go to create a dvd the program says it has a serious error and must close.

    if i try the same on another film, then it works ok.

    I cannot face doing it all again.... anyone got any ideas?

    All help appreciated

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    Long shot, but try importing your saved project into a new one.

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    ah yes... could be worth a try...........

    anyone else got any other ideas?

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    Or create a DV AVI (or better still AVI with a lossless codec such as huffy), then import this into a new project and export.

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    sometimes i have problems with encore (Well, alot! I hate it, but perservere!)

    sometimes burning to a DVD video folder and then burning the VOB files with Nero is the only way I can manage.

    Good luck

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