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Thread: Newbie - please help! Been sold HVR-A1P instead of A1E

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    Unhappy Newbie - please help! Been sold HVR-A1P instead of A1E

    I have many different voices of advice ringing in my ears.
    I purchased - from a highly rated Ebay seller - a camera described both in the ad and in my paypal receipt as a Sony A1E. I have been using it fine for filming, but have always digitised using a tape deck at a friends computer. I now have my own iMac, and on trying to connect my cam using firewire (had to get the 400-800 adapter) final cut pro cannot recognise the camera.
    My computer can see the camera as a firewire device though, which my friend says means that the device (i.e. camera) is faulty. It was during this inspection that my friend said 'you've been sold an hvr-A1P, for pacific area'

    Final cut pro is saying ' unable to locate following devices: apply firewire pal' this because the camera isn't european model?

    I've emailed the seller, however Ebay is kind of redundant as this cam was purchased in February, and I've only just realised it doesn't match the description, even though I do have the Paypal receipt with the original 'A1E' header. I've emailed the seller directly for advice, but can anyone else let me know if a) this is a major problem or b) this is nothing and there are ways round it?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Are you in the UK ? Does it shoot at 25/50 fps ? if so It's probaly not a problem with the camera. I've never used FCP or even a Mac so I'm not much use.

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