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    Hi guys,
    not sure if this is the correct place to post this (I should really know by now right :/ )

    Anyway. I am developing an interactive multi platform project which aims to encourage creativity in a number of areas.

    The project is called #mentallic Its all about Tin Foil and the idea is to get people to make objects out of tinfoil and for others to use these objects as inspiration towards written and visual pieces.

    So, as images are uploaded I am asking writers to write short stories/poems/scripts of around 2-4 minutes for video folk, directors, film makers, animators to visualise.

    Here is the link to the main blog with links to all of the photographic and written material uploaded by others.

    I would love for some of you guys to get involved and create some videos based on the concept.

    Now there aren't really any rules, video creatives don't have to use the written material, though I would like to encourage it in order for the writers to gain something out of the project.
    That said, if you would like to make something or have seen somebody else's creation and would like to make a short video based upon those then that would still be awesome.

    I'd also like to encourage anyone that does make a video to join the vimeo group and add it to that so that everyone can see your work.

    This project has a lot of scope and I would really love it to reach people world wide, but as you can see there is not a huge amount of content yet.

    I'd really appreciate your help in getting this going and would love to see what you guys come up with!

    Please go an look at the blog!

    I am itching to make my own tinfoil items and videos and will hopefully get something up there myself soon! I hope you guys feel the same way!


    Edit - maybe I should have put this in pre-production, oops, feel free to move me mods!
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