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Thread: Stereo Mix - is there no sound quality loss ?

  1. Default Stereo Mix - is there no sound quality loss ?

    If I record sound from my computer into my audio editor, and I use Stereo Mix, there's no sound quality loss right? Stereo Mix simply takes a digital copy of sound that is destined for your speakers. Is that about right?

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    Technically I would say that isn't right because anything that has been digitally altered could have some degradation BUT do it and see if you can spot the degradation. I think you are mistaking a digital copy which won't have any loss of quality because is is just copying zeros and ones with something different. A digital manipulation is different from a copy. I've never used the software you mentioned but my theory is sound. Different software will be better than others at doing this kind of manipulation. Just like a video codec.

    The acid test is can you spot any loss.

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