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Thread: Circuit of Ireland Rally 2011

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    Default Circuit of Ireland Rally 2011

    If anyone has any tips on using premier pro they would be much appreciated!! Had to change from final cut after my mac was stolen! Long story!!

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    I'll preface this by saying I could watch anything involving fast cars and loud engines.

    For me, there were too many pans and zooms. Almost every shot was a pan, zoom, pan: I expected to see a much greater variety of shots, particularly as your positioning is limited. A few shots to experiment with:
    • crouch down, with the camera around waist height cradled in your hands, your back straight, and your legs bent. Then, as a car approaches, move the camera up by straightening your legs. Keep the camera held in one direction until the car goes out of shot. After the car passes, move around 90 degrees view the exit of the corner. Edit the camera movement out in post.
    • Zoom in so that only the car will be in frame. Keep the camera locked on a tripod so that you see the car enter and exit the frame.
    • Zoom in on crowd reactions rather than cars for cutaways
    • Hold the camera above your head or at ankle height in locked positions
    • Find a tree of group of people that obscure the view of the road. As a car approaches from the right, move your camera from right to left behind the obstruction to "reveal" the car.

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    thanks for the tips!!

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