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Thread: Just a quick question (regarding film editing)

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    Default Just a quick question (regarding film editing)

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if any of you friendly folks knew a movie editing program where I can merge several shots I took and add a clapper-board effect between each clip.

    For example: Clapper-board comes in, clip 1 starts, clapper-board take 2 comes in, clip 2 start etc. etc.

    (this is what I mean)

    I don't mind paying for good software but keep in mind I haven't won the lottery yet so any affordable solutions are greatly appreciated.


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    You should be able to do it in any Pro editing software, easly.

    You would just drop your .png file(photo already cut out in Photoshop) into your timeline
    animate it in the pan/cropping section.

    Sony Vegas
    Adobe Premier
    Final Cut

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    there are lots video edit software can do it.
    and you don't need to buy those PRO software..such as adobe takes time to getting used.
    try video studio express or something else

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