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Thread: "the required windows media video codec is not installed"

  1. Exclamation "the required windows media video codec is not installed"

    okay, so I've had problems with mpeg-4 files before (Im using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0). these files can make the program crash (I recon its a codec problem that Ive never been able to solve), but things usually go well once the mp4 files have been deleted/converted.

    Now, I've made a few backup project files but all of them keep on crashing. It takes a few minutes to open the files, and once open it wont let me edit anything or even render small parts. This comes up;



    Now, a new message was shown; "the required windows media video codec is not installed". Now, there seems to be not only .mp4 files that are causing the problem but also .wmv. once i succeed to open a project file, some videos that used to work just fine are now shown only as a red rectangle;

    I'm thinking of reinstalling the program, but will that still let me open the project files without loosing all of my work? And I have a bad feeling reinstalling wont change a thing since its seemingly a codec problem. Any ideas on what I can do? There are alot of video cuts in these project files that I wish to at least render, but right now it seems as if everything will go lost.

    Thank You

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    Are you getting your footage from an external hard drive?

    Have you messed with Windows Media Player recently?
    You can try updating up, or seeing if you can play the video file in Media Player, and if theres a codec really missing it'll try to search for it.

    I don't think re-installing will do anything unless you've been messing with the files in the program folders.
    If that was the case, I would just run it in repair.

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    Other people sent me the footage, which is usually a problem because most of their cameras save in formats that my computer cant seem to deal with (like mp4)

    Nope, haven't messed with Media player. Most of the files Im using work with media player except a few quicktime files and some .avi from my own camera (they open in media player as audio only for some reason)

    I tried copying the files to vegas pro 10 and it rendered everything fine. So hopefully I can finish this project in Vegas pro instead.

    Thank you for the reply!

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