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    Hello folks, greetings. To all the Gurus in here, i would like to find out on how to edit a movie's color and brightness. Which software the best to use? I have a movie which is a bit blurry, too much of color etc. I would like to sharpen up the video, make it clear and adjust the color for perfection for the entire movie. Which software can actually do this perfectly? Can anyone recommend me please? I would like to make permanent changes to that entire movie so that when i watch it, it looks much better than what it is now. The sound is perfect, only the video quality is a bit bad due to over color.

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    Do you have Windows or Mac?

    Mac: Final Cut, Adobe Premier, After Effects
    PC: Sony Vegas, Adobe Premire

    Basically, all "pro" editing software will let you do it.

    Look for:
    Color Correction

    You'll need to know how to setup your Project Properties and render in the correct settings.

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    if your "movie" means DVD movie...
    perhaps, you need a DVD Video editor

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