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    I'm fairly new to all this, so bear with me if I sound a bit silly.

    1. I take a DVDR made for me with copies of old Cinefilms from the 1970s
    2. I place it in my PC DVD drive and rip it with DVD Decrypter
    3. I take one of the resultant vob files, edit it with VideoReDo, save it as a MPG file
    4. I author a new DVD with VideoReDo, using this MPG file, enforcing DVD Compliance
    5. I burn to DVD using Nero Express

    (a) I watch the DVD on the PC and it's fine
    (b) I watch the DVD on my Plasma TV and I see wavy lines every time it pans.

    It's driving me mad, I've searched and searched for answers and can't find them. I've asked a few people and they say "oh it's an interlacing issue". But I am not experienced enough in the subject to understand anything I have read on the internet about interlacing, nor have I found anything written on the subject that addresses my issue. Most seem to address the issue where it plays bad on the PC and good on the TV.

    I would really, really appreciate help with this as it's important I complete this project. By the way the above example is simplified to assist in diagnosing the issue, obviously I intend doing more edits etc, but if the basics aren't working then there's no point.

    I look forward to hearing any suggestions anyone may wish to make.


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    What are your render settings?
    Can you get a screen shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solo619 View Post
    What are your render settings?
    Can you get a screen shot?
    Pardon my ignorance here, render settings in which application, at which stage? Which settings? Sorry, I'm a novice so I'm not sure what you're looking for

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    Anyone else have any idea on this? I'm really stumped with this :-(

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    Like your friends; I would also suspect it is an 'interlacing' issue. You may want to search on words like "interlaced" and "progressive". It is worth understanding the difference.
    No, I don't know how to solve it (!), but wonder whether you might be able to re-create the wavy lines on a PC by playing the DVD with other software; for example "VLC".
    I might be inclined to ask your question in the VideoReDo Forum; as there may be some option in VideoReDo when it renders (creates) your new mpg file. I see from VideoReDo MPEG Video Editing Software that there are different versions. Perhaps the one you have is inadequate.
    I highly recommend the (free) tool called GPOT (from GSpot Codec Information Appliance ). Whilst it won't fix your problem, it might identity any oddities in the file.
    Bearing in mind that I am really not qualified to answer your question, you might also look around for cheap (free) software which can convert files between interlaced and progressive.

    Sorry I could not assist further.
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    Well well well, after months of heartache, someone one Twitter (@No_ReShoots) finally answered my question. My source video was PAL MPG2, I used deshaker to create AVIs, then used WinFF to get those AVIs to NTSC DVD MPG instead of PAL DVD MPG, and the conversion to NTSC caused the wavy lines when panning but ONLY when viewed on the television, not on the PC. I repeated the test several times, and it's entirely reproduceable. So *that* problem is gone away. Turns out deshaker introduced its own, different artefacts, so I won't be using it either.

    Thanks to those who answered before - I felt it was fair to post my solution rather than ignore the thread once I had it

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