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Thread: TeddyBear Murder - 2012 Trailer

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    Default TeddyBear Murder - 2012 Trailer

    Its a Trailer for a Movie.
    my friends and i Did it Together .
    Like&Sub&Share Soon coming Twitter&Facebook Pages.

    Enjoy xD.

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    That was dreadful. And seeing as you've posted it here I guess rather than simply say it was bad I feel obliged to say why.

    I'll leave out the fact that the concept is only funny to boys aged between about 12 and 15.

    Everything is given away in the title. The film holds no mystery at all. It might just ahve worked if there was more to it than just 10 ways of killing a teddy bear.
    Your title is dreadful "Ten Ways to kill a Teddy Bear"? Why has "kill" - one of the most important words not been capitalised?
    The graphics of the title were not in keeping with the style of film.
    The shots were poorly composed and poorly lit. Some attempty had been made to get some atmospheric lighting in some shots, but because most of it was so poor it just seemed like more poor lighting.
    We see the actual act of killing throughout. Where is the suspesne?
    The same goes for teh whole film - we've seen ten ways of klling a teddy bear now, in the trailer - why would we want to see the film proper?
    It's just shots of a teddy being killed. There is no interest there. We need hints of a story? Who is the teddy bear? Who is the murederer? Why does someone want the teddy bear killed?
    And where might our sympathies lie - with the teddy bear, or perhaps with the murderer or person who ordered the killing.

    Where's the amkbient sound (knives into flesh, splashes of water, roar of flames etc)?

    So, if we leave aside all the technical shortcomings, even if we are 12 to 15 year old boys who find the concept hilarious, there is nothing there to intice us to watch the film - we've already seen it in the trailer.

    All we get is mindless toy abuse.

    However you did edit it to the music so all is not lost.

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    first of all TNX for comment

    it is just a joke we just used mt phone camera and it was just for fun i dont think we are really going to make a film out of it

    its just need to be funny we really are 15 years old

    we wanted some views thats all but keep on your attitude

    i hope you could enjoy it a little

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBearVEVO View Post
    its just need to be funny we really are 15 years old
    That's fine then. And it explains a lot.

    But please try to understand that what you attempted to make here was not a trailer.

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