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Thread: To sharpen or not to sharpen

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    I'm editing in AVCHD at the moment and had a thought about sharpening. When I'm preparing a photo in Photoshop the last thing you do is sharpen the image to correct any bluing that the manipulation process might have put in to the image. I learned this from my parents who are both photographers and use Photoshop extensively.

    What should I be doing with video footage? Does the same convention apply? If so, are there any standard settings I should start with?

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    I know that some people don't mind sharpening by small amounts, personally I don't go anywhere near digital sharpening at all. I wouldn't use out of focus footage either, and unless I'm trying to blur something out deliberately I wouldn't do anything to an image that would cause it to soften.


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    I do both video and photo publishing and I use sharpening depending on a goal and material. Never say never. You don't have to sharpen everything, just he parts that can benefit from greater definition of contrast. If it does not breaks the mood of the piece, why not? It also depends on how long it will be on a screen. One thing is to sharpen talking head that is 5 min cut, another is 8 sec, cutout.

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