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    Hey guys,

    Here is the sponsorship video I was talking about if you happened to read about it in another of the sub forums. Let me know what you think.

    Would you sponsor us?

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    Its very impressive stuff. One or two of teh shots were shot against the light so the talent was somewhat sillhouetted, but it gives a good idea of what you are about.
    What it doesn't say is that you want sponsorship or what you want sponsorship for or, indeed, what the organisation is. Maybe this will made clear elsewhere in the "package" toy are putting together, but i would have thought there should be some reference to these things in the video. Also any awards, competitions entered etc (or failing that competitions you'd wish to enter).
    If you are planning to prsent this to companies etc, I'd suggest that it should be a minute maximum in length as it is no more than a demonstration of your skills and they won't need more than that to get a very good idea.

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    this is the sort of stuff i get up to before work

    a bit too long IMO. some great shots but i think some of the editing could have been a bit tighter. and with your chosen soundtrack (which i think is a perfect choice) a tighter edit would have worked.

    superb shot with the hand crashing down onto the weights bar. some very nice shots in general with most angles covered.

    I did find quite of the shots a little dark (maybe its my screen as a lot of stuuff appears dark LOL !)
    also im wondering if the whole thing would benefit from some colour grading to give it a more "pro" look and to make for a more uniform look ??

    with some work i think this would be a really great piece.

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    As the other have said nice piece but just a little to long for it's purpose but only by 30 seconds or so. I thought the shots held my attention well. BUT you could cut some that where just repeats.
    I think the de-saturated look that you gave it works well in this context.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for the advice guys,

    To Tim, the video is merely a demonstration of our skills. At the fitness expo we attended we approached all the potential sponsors and introduced ourselves, what we think we can offer and then if they had time showed them the video so that they already had context of what we were about. We're sending out emails now with all that info as well only more formal.

    To enc, could you explain what you mean by 'tighter' editing? I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean like trimming it earlier before it leads to the next clip so there is less waiting time in between?

    All the shots were quite colourful and glorious to look at in their own right but I thought made the whole video seem a bit disjointed because there was such vibrant green grass and the next was the timber of the lifting floor accompanied by the grey walls of a gym. I thought by making the whole video 50% black and white it blended the clips together a lot better so thanks for noticing that midnight. I will definitely look into colour grading as I do believe it could have looked better.

    You don't think the beginning is too drawn out?

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