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    Default Quick and simple Premiere question

    I would like to know this right away, as I am working on a video right now.

    I stupidly made this whole presentation the wrong size (I hadn't realized I was zoomed in the preview window the whole time, and I fit everything to that window).

    All I want to do is re-size the whole project, titles, video, and pictures, at the same time. I cannot just do a motion preset because all of the items were very carefully scaled differently from one another.

    It should be really easy, just like select them all and drag them to fit the box, but it doesn't seem that way.


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    You can highlight all of your clips in the timeline, then right click and choose "nest." This will combined all of the video clips into a new sequence, and place that sequence onto your current timeline. Then you are able to tweak whatever size change, or add whatever filters to that new nested video layer, and the settings will apply to your entire project (the video clips that were nested).


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