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Thread: Another sony Vegas network rendering question.

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    Default Another sony Vegas network rendering question.

    well. its not as much as a question as much as seeking advice.

    i didn't think id get as far as i did with the video editing as i am today. and recently put tuns into upgrading my PC to get the rendering done in a timely fashion. but still. it takes upwards of an hour and 45 min to render 30-40 min videos... arrrg...

    the output is 720p 25 fps microsoft WMV 4.8 mbps

    and input is FRAPS raw footage (about 4 gigs for 5 min... ouch)

    even though my system is what i would consider overpowered for standard home use.

    Video editing software is Sony Vegas 10

    AMD hexa core 1055T
    8 gigs of high grade DDR3 1600
    about 3 TB in total HDD space (64g SSD 6gbps OS drive)
    Nvidia 460 gtx oc 1gig GDDR5

    (may even upgrade to 16 gigs of ram if that will help)

    and my old system which i was wanting to use over the network is as fallows

    AMD Athlon II, 460 quad core
    4 gigs Generic DDR2
    250 gig SATA II HDD
    zomgonboard Nvidia geforce 8200

    and recently upgraded my internet and my ISP hooked me up with a nice gigabit router to tie it all together with!

    my question is. is network rendering going to help me?

    or would other formats help?

    want at least 720p

    i haven't even figured how to use the effects. so its light on effects
    most of my effects are sadly .png overlays and panning

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    anyone have any suggestions?

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    suppose I'm not going to get any help... looks like I'm just going to have to try....

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